Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, 21 year old Blake Weinbach brings a new face to the country music scene. Having grown up in a household surrounded by all kinds of musical instruments and talents, it is no surprise that Blake's path has led him to this point. A singer, guitarist, and pianist, all since an early age, Blake has just always had a knack for music. Songwriting, however, is a rather new passion of Blake's, but one he has pursued with full force.  

On March 22, 2020, in the early stages of COVID-19, Blake uploaded his first original song to his Instagram page titled “Adiós Corona.” Inspired by Singer/Songwriter Patrick Davis, Blake wrote this silly little ditty to bring a smile to peoples’s faces in a time of hardship. The song soon went viral after being uploaded and received thousands of views and features on news stations across the country. This song served as a jumping off point for his music career. "It really was a bright spot in the middle of a whole lot of dark," he says. "It was definitely a blessing in disguise."  

Running off this momentum, Blake released his debut single, "Dancing In The Darkness" on September 25th, 2020, a country rooted song turned bluesy with its freestyle guitar. This song tells the story of a true "love at first sight" moment written straight from the heart.  

Soon after debuting with his single, Blake released his first EP, Long Way Home. From an opening rockin' guitar rift getting you ready to party, to a piano filled love song, to a fast paced, old country heart racer, this EP truly has everything for the country listener.  

Blake is currently working on new music, as well as performing and booking shows for 2023.